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We have all been told there is nothing anyone can do about their student loan debt aside from paying it off in full. If you don’t pay, we have been told, the federal government has the power to garnish your wages, take your belongings, and even take your spouse’s tax refund. At Student Loan Relief, we have a team of researchers who tirelessly scour new legislation for statutes and programs that are buried within them that may be of help to our clients. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that both the federal government and many state governments have passed a number of laws to help those who can benefit from student loan consolidation and student loan forgiveness, but they failed to tell anyone about it.

The failure by our government to effectively communicate the creation of hundreds of programs to assist worthy borrowers is a problem, but at least it’s a problem with a simple solution. While we have all been led to believe that the problem is that there is no help for student loan borrowers, the actual problem is one of effective communication of the help available for student loan borrowers and how to enroll in some of those little-known programs.

Even when a borrower can locate a program that can provide them relief, complying with the extensive list of requirements and “if-then” statements in the bill can be a daunting task for those of us without law degrees. In the rare instance, a borrower can locate a program and comply with requirements to participate, more hurdles exist, such as the fact that in many instances borrowers are given just one chance to change their loan. This often leads to selecting a program that doesn’t maximize the benefits available and there is no way of changing it back. Still, student loan consolidation and student loan forgiveness may be options.

We have identified 233 different federal and state bills that can lower a borrower’s principal or interest or be used to provide temporary relief during times of need — when these programs are properly used. For example, in section 5201 and 10908 of the Health Care Reform Bill, a number of new programs benefiting borrowers were created, but few noticed that because it is buried in a healthcare bill on page 486. We are also tracking five bills in the Senate and eight in the House that would impact student loans.

At Student Loan Relief, we know precisely how to combine different programs to maximize their effectiveness as well as how to effectively build a strategy that allows for the flexibility of participating in future programs.Why Choose Us

If you need specific reasons for choosing our company, consider these:

o There are no upfront cost.
o No credit check is required.
o A certified loan consultant is assigned to you.
o You can achieve substantial lifetime savings.
o We provide exhaustive ongoing research.
o You get peace of mind knowing you are doing the right things.

For these reasons and many others, Student Loan Relief is the right place to turn when you need student loan consolidation, student loan forgiveness and other assistance to get out from under your debt and get on with your life.


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